Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Bletchley Park Benefit - Tues 3rd November

It's happening. At the Bloomsbury Theatre in London on Tues 3rd November. A comedy celebration of codebreaking, cryptography and those brilliant hut-bound boffins, with all profits going to Bletchley Park.

Comedians, actors and celebs will be performing stand-up comedy, sketches and generally showing off. Confirmed so far are:

Robin Ince
- Bloomsbury favourite stand-up comedian and winner of the Time Out Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy. The thinking man's thinking comedian.

Richard Herring - One half of Lee and Herring. The same half of Collings and Herrin (whose podcast can be found here) and a splendidly funny man in his own right. There is worryingly good picture of him looking like Hitler here.

Robert Llewellyn - presenter of Scrapheap Challenge, Red Dwarf's Kryten and the creator of the highly entertaining vodcast, Carpool.

There'll also be sketches (by me and others) on the subject of codebreaking, Bletchley Park and boffinery performed by an all-star cast. Watch this space for updates on the line up, and for news of when tickets will be on sale.